The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 10

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 10

TSRTOW Chapter 10 : Finally I Got Stuck The next day, after I dressed, I head out to the royal palace.

If I was like going to the training ground, they let me in just by looking at my face, but today it was different.

It was a trouble to send a soldier from the entrance to the magic lab.

  I know if I am going the right way but I know It’s better to walk behind the soldier to follow him.

The entrance of the royal palace is a high stairwell.

I looked up to the sky and saw carefully carve sculptures making circling the inside of the building a number of times.

However, it is not possible to see them for a long time because the ceiling is too high and the neck will become sore.

It is a mix of a lot of sculptures and round skylights that repeats with some of the other buildings.

The light shines through and it is like a spotlight on the marble floor.

—Welcome to the royal palace.

You are the main character here.

When I stood in this place for the first time, it felt like an illusion with a voice that said that from the heavens.

Of course, I didn’t wake up from that illusion.

I remember the bittersweet nostalgic feeling.

From this entrance hall, five corridors appear.

The corridor in the middle is splendid because it continues onwards to the heart of the royal palace.

The other passageways lead to the other facility.

By the way, the magic lab that I am heading to today is connected to the leftmost corner.

Although it is connected, it is built in a considerably remote place.

If you go through this entrance, you’ll have to go across several more corridors to reach the magic lab.

My footsteps echo in the empty corridor.

Oh…what a strange feeling to be walking in the royal palace like this now.




Life does things I don’t expect.

“We have arrived.

” Eventually, the soldier ahead of me stopped.

It is a terribly ordinary door that is towering at the end of the bridge passage.

When the soldier used the knocker on the door, a voice of a man came back from the inside.

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COM “Huh, just now.

” A face shows up from the other side of the door.

A young man who seems to be in his early twenties with brown hair with a strong impression appears.

He has a relax harmless expression on his face.

“Thank you very much.

” (guide)“It is this young lady here who will be selling the bento.

” (soldier)“Oh, yes.

Thank you very much for your trouble… Come on in.

” (guide) As soon as the soldier step aside, I walked into the lab as the youngster urged me in.

Wow, geez, this is nostalgic.

As I thought… this atmosphere is not refreshing and invigorating.

It has not changed at all from the time I visited this place once before.

This feeling…that smell of dust and whatever else I don’t know drifting around.

I’m going to be a little addictive.

This place and the strange equipment I do not know how to use.

They are all very interesting.

“That basket seems to be heavy, do you need help?” (guide)“No, it’s okay.

I’m used to it.

Thank you.

” (Haruka) “Okay.

The room is right here, so rest assured.

” (guide) Even though this older brother is nice, he is still a magician.

I secretly observe him.

It is totally different from the image of a magician.

What is this? Well, the image of a magician to me is someone who is arrogant.

He is a special one, is he the special older brother type? “It is here.

I am ashamed because it is messy.

” The older brother knocked on the door at the end of the corridor.

Without waiting for a reply, he opened the door in a casual manner.

“I’m coming in.

The diner brought bento.

”Following behind him, I also went into the room.

Wow, it’s really messy with a lot of stuff.

When I came here the last time, it wasn’t like this.

I wonder if they were told to tidy up because the Priestess was coming.

When I took off the shoulder strap carrying the basket, I quickly looked around the room.

Well, even if I did, there was a lot of clutters.

I carefully try not to show my reaction on my face and kept my face looking forward.

In the back of the room, as soon as I saw the man sitting on the sofa, I gasped “Oh my!” I accidentally drop the basket in my hand.

・ ・ ・ ・ “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” (guide) The older brother looks at me while picking up the basket I dropped.

Oh, I am worried about whether or not the bentos are okay.

No, it doesn’t matter.

I’m feeling very dizzy.

I managed to regain my composure.

Calm down, relax! Yeah…I can’t.

I’m really confused about what to do.

“What’s wrong?” The man sitting on the sofa turns to look at me with a suspicious expression.

Do not look at me! I tried turning my face away from him but that didn’t work.

It was useless.

This guy is astonishing good with catching people’s movements around him.

If he wasn’t as good or if I was better, would I still be fine? –This guy – Ordis-sama is my acquaintance.

As an acquaintance, he was my magic teacher.

He was what I model as “an obnoxious magician”.

He was originally from an aristocratic family.

He hated his status and threw away his house.

And when he devoted himself to the research of magic at the magic lab, he achieved various achievements in the magic field.

Eventually, he was given the same status as the nobility and became well-known within his field.

I think his age is over thirty.

He is tan with long black hair that is even more gorgeous than woman’s hair.

He has deep sexy eyes and is overall beautiful.

It is because he is stubborn, arrogant, and mysterious that makes people avoid him.

Although I was always quarreling with Noel, I still think he saw me as a “sneaky little sister who cannot leave me”.

But I think this person sees me as a “foolish student who cannot be helped”.

Our relationship was not intimate at all and can only be seen as teacher and student.

“Oh, the lunch seems to be okay today.

” (guide) Older brother, please read the mood.

Rather, should I be more thankful he destroyed the mood? “Lady, is your arm okay?” (guide) “Uh…yes.

I’m sorry my arm suddenly got stuck…” (Haruka) I had no choice but to make an excuse.

“That’s a problem, should I take you to the medical office?” (guide) “No, I’m fine.

I have already recovered” (Haruka) “Is that so?” (guide) While we were talking, the older brother helps me take out the bentos from the basket.

This time, it was to buy all the bentos in the basket.

I cannot see any other magicians nearby but they would probably come and eat when they’re ready.

The lunch price was set from the beginning.

“It looks delicious.

Thank you for today…Oh, I will also send you back.

This place is difficult to navigate.

” (guide) “Yes, it’s okay.

Even alone –– “ (Haruka) “–– I will send her” (Ordias) Ordias, who been silent the whole time spoke in a low voice.

I wasn’t the only one who was frightened.

The magician older brother was too.

“No, I can’t let you do that.

” (guide) “I was thinking about going back too.

I don’t mind.

” (Ordias) No No No No! I am not fine! I am going to be in trouble! I screamed inside my head but of course, no one heard it.

Is this a random act of kindness? There is absolutely no reason for that.

“Let’s go.

” (Ordias) Ordias-sama shot through me with sharp eyes.

I feel like a frog being stared at by a snake.

I give up… Ordias-sama stood up slowly and walk pass me.

  He casually opened the door and look at me.

I shivered and follow behind him.

As I crossed the door – there was a different world.

Ordias-sama used magic.

The other side of the door was supposed to be an old corridor but, now we are in a small stark room.

In other words, the two of us are isolated from the outside world in this illusionary room that this person made.

I knew because I was once his student.


”Ordias-sama crossed his arms and lean against the wall.

“Shouldn’t you explain this Harutia?” ・ ・ ・ ・ Translator’s Note: And so, Haruka was found by another person! In case you’re wondering, Harutia isn’t a typo! Explanation will be on the next chapter.

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