The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 13

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A Nostalgic Smell July 11, 2018 What.

What are you doing Noel? I was frightened and at loss while sinking into the bed.

It’s a training ground, isn’t it?I always go during lunch time and it’s a training ground for the general soldier.

Why is the star knight Noel there?There’s no way he randomly decided to drop by.

I wonder if it’s because of the near miss at the corridor.

Or maybe it’s because Ordias-sama talked about me.

So, to confirm my appearance, he went to the training ground during lunch time.

I think it’s natural to think that way, but… …I’m self-conscious No, I can only think of it that way.

Sena was worry since I was suddenly quiet.




“Oh, I wanted you to meet him, Haruka! I’m sorry about today.

” (Sena) It’s okay.

Sena made it okay.

Rather I’m safe.

I was barely safe.

As I listen to the details, Noel came to the training ground today under the pretext of inspecting the training of the regular soldiers.

It looks like there was an advanced notice because the soldiers weren’t panicking.

However, Sena who weren’t told that Noel was coming was surprised and excited.

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COM I understand why.

Even though it was a big happening like the heavens and earth turned upside down, Noel went up to Sena to talk to her.

You are the reputable lady who sells the bentos.

“Well, I was too surprised after all.

So, no words came out at all.

I wonder if I left a bad impression.

But, it was a great experience.

Really! Oh, but I had to tell him about Haruka.

” (Sena) “Huh? Me?” (Haruka) “Yes, Noel said, “It will be very hard to carry the lunch to the royal palace every day.

” So, I thought I had to tell him about Haruka’s efforts! I told him there is another child carrying it, and it is that child who thought about doing bento sales.

” (Sena)“Is that so?” (Haruka) Well.

Even though Sena is just a regular young lady selling bentos.

Noel would never go to the training ground again to see how it is.

He doesn’t have enough free time to do that.

He has to be a knight.

But today is the power of action… “Does Noel-sama go the training ground often?” (Sena) “It seems that this is the first for the soldiers.

The world is different between the knights and ordinary soldiers.

I wonder if he came to visit me because of the trouble we took to take care of his subordinates.

” (Haruka) “Wow~” (Sena)If that’s true, how often will he drop by? When I was thinking about that, Sena gave me another blanket.

“I’m so sorry.

It’s bad to talk about this.

You should lie down a little more.

The diner owner will make something light to eat so I’ll bring it up later.

” (Sena) Then she left the room in a hurry.

When I was alone again, I slowly closed my eyes.

・ ・ ・ ・ Somehow I fell asleep.

The next time I woke up, it’s because of a delicious smell that tickled my nose.

The older sister came into the room carrying a tray holding a small pot.

“Haru-chan, how do you feel? Did the fever calm down a bit?” (The wife) “I’m so sorry to bother you!” (Haruka) I got up a little because the wife prepared my meal.

“Your complexion is looking a little better.

That’s good.

” (The wife) Although I was asleep and didn’t notice, the room felt a bit cleaner.

The wife has a gentle smile and it looks like she cried a little.

I’m someone who doesn’t know the affection of a mother.

But, I guess it would be something like this if I had a mother.

The wife brought me porridge.

It’s my first time seeing a porridge in this world.

It contains several herbs but it looks and smells very similar to those I know.

This food would help my body and weakened mentally.

“Haru-chan, could you eat it?” (The wife) “Yes, it looks really tasty.

Thank you.

” (Haruka)I held a spoon in my hand.

Slowly with one scoop, I blew on it to cool down the heat and brought it to my mouth.

Instantly, a slightly salty flavor spread in my mouth.

It’s hot but, very delicious.

I’m deeply moved while the wife watches me.

She sat down on the chair on the side of my bed.

“Since this morning, you only had water.

Some salty food is delicious isn’t it?” (The wife) “Yes, I agree.

” (Haruka)“You don’t have to worry about the diner.

You have to sleep well until you get better.

Take tomorrow and the day after to rest.

”  (The wife) Take it slowly until I’m better… Oh, that’s good.

I feel like it’s not bad to stay in bed a bit longer.

I mean…maybe I’ll have to move to the royal palace.

Maybe for just a little bit, I can stay in my cozy home.

“If you think about it, I’ve been counting on you since Haru-chan started working.

” (The wife)“Oh no.

I’m not very helpful at all.

” (Haruka)“It’s not good to talk down on yourself.

Haru-chan is always working hard and thanks to that, we’re saved.

I also hired Sena to help Haru-chan because I thought I would be nice to work with someone.

That Sena is a very good girl and we’re really happy.

” (The wife) Well, there was a problem with the previous person who worked here.

I think the couple who helped me when I was in trouble has kindness like a God.

The happiest person is me.

“Have you heard? Today Sena met Noel.

” (The wife) “Yes, Sena was delighted.

” (Haruka)“I have never seen it but, since he is a pretty boy, the young ladies are excited.

But I’m happy he knows about our bento.

” (The wife) “Anyways, I wish he brought a bento.

” (Haruka)Sena said that he left right after he spoke a few words.

“No way! Knights will not talk about our bentos! It’ll be too good to be true.

” (The wife) “But, I thought he will be surprised to eat it.

The taste of my bento…” (Haruka)I guarantee the taste.

Even so, in the royal palace, I was the only one who ate something better than Noel.

Compared to the meal then, the rice here is more delicious.

“Well then, if Noel comes again, he should buy it.

” (The wife) She lightly hit my head with a laugh.

She has to go back to the diner soon.

I cannot keep her up here.

I nodded and saw her off.

While eating the porridge I thought… I do not want to see Noel.

There is no face to meet and rely on him.

So we cannot meet.

It is certain.

However, I did not expect myself to become seriously reluctant to have a reunion.

I wonder why Noel showed up at the training ground.

What would you do if you could confirm that I really came back to this world? Although I was no longer the Priestess, I feel like I wouldn’t be treated with contempt Even Ordias-sama is about to make a move because I used to be the Priestess.

Since Noel has a strong sense of responsibility and a consciousness as my former escort, he would surely lend me a hand.

But, I must not take that hand.

Noel became a guardian of the new Priestess.

It is better to not to be involved with me as a former Priestess.

I don’t want him to be in a difficult position.

I wonder if I should prepare my mind and meet him properly.

If he knew about my existence, I might be better off instead of running away blindly.

(I don’t know what to do~) Nevertheless, the premonition that is seemed impossible to leave it this way is slowly leaving a shadow inside of me.

・ ・ ・ ・