The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 17

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Distorted Pulse July 18, 2018 Translated by Shufen I was summoned to this world as the Priestess to correct the world’s “pulse”.

In this world, there is a flow of ki that cannot be seen by the eyes.

It seems like it flows wildly all the time and there is only one way to correct the way of flow.

However, the “kai” distorts little by little over time.

If the distortion becomes too large, the balance of this world will collapse.

The plants will wither, water will dry out, the earth shakes, and the sun hides.

Therefore, you must regularly “correct” the “kai”.

A Priestess from a different world was the only one who could manipulate the “kai”.

In this world, we built a church in a place that is in the path of the correct ki.

The Priestess goes there and prays.

Doing so attracts the ki.

If the prayer is successful, the attracted ki will settle on the spot and a correct flow will be created.

My role is to visit all those churches and pray.




Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

The ki flows in the traces I prayed and the place of prayer becomes a sanctuary.

The “sanctuary” cannot be touched by a lot of people and has to be protected.

And it looks like the role of the guardian was Aldina, who succeeded me as Priestess.

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COM That’s why Aldina and I have totally different roles as a Priestess.

But the position is the same.

Protecting the “kai”.

Our very existence is to protect it.

・ ・ ・ ・ It is said that the country recently noticed something strange.

It was half a year ago.

The flow of “kai” is only slightly distorted.

Of course, it was a very sticky situation.

The “kai” that the Priestess from another world is usually undisturbed for about forty years.

At that point, it was only a year.


However, the distortion of the “kai” was real.

“Do you understand the cause?” (Ordias) I wonder if I failed.

If so, what should I do? “At least, it was perfect just after you completed the “kai”.

You shouldn’t feel like it’s your fault…  The only thought is that someone disturbed it after it was completed.

” (Ordias) “Who?” (Haruka) “If I knew, I wouldn’t have any difficulties.

I quickly went around all the churches but there wasn’t any visible damage in the sanctuary.

However, the “sanctuary” is delicate.

For example, even if someone touched it with their hand, the flow of the ki will be disturbed.

Perhaps it was such a trivial accident this time.

” (Ordias) “What will happen then?” (Haruka)“The Priestess will stabilize the sanctuary.

” (Ordias) –Is it me? Ordias-sama quietly shook his head.

“It is the role Aldina has to protect the sanctuary.

If there was a compromised sanctuary found, it would be evidenced that someone who wasn’t a Priestess disturbed it.

But now, we don’t know which of the seven sanctuaries were compromised.

Although the Priestess can tell, it is said that Aldina cannot “see” it.

The royal palace is in a situation where there is nothing that can recognize the disturbance of the ki.

I see.

Is Noel going to Ordias-sama to hear his opinions for the disturbance of the “ki” and the stability of the sanctuary? Noel is the escort knight for Aldina.

It is important to not only protect the Priestess from unknown enemies but to give the Priestess spiritual support.

I was also helped by him.

That is why the problem of stability of the sanctuary falls onto him.

“The criminal who disturbed the sanctuary has not been found yet.

” (Ordias)“Eh?” (Haruka) Why? Why won’t they make their move? Ordias-sama read my mind and bitterly answer.

“Actually, it’s not a suspect yet.

It’s a selfish guess thinking “it’s not” and there’s no evidence.

So who is the suspect? The current Priestess… a rival faction that doesn’t welcome Aldina exists.

The conflict clashed against Aldina’s side when they chose the succeeding Priestess.

Originally, they wanted you to stay in this world and continue to be the Priestess.

Of course, I’m still not happy with Aldina’s side.

” (Ordias) The story came out.

Of course I’m a part of the party but, I actually know a little bit about that part.

I fulfilled my role after I finished arranging the “kai” but, after that, I was asked to stay in this world and continue to be the Priestess.

I eventyually chose to return to my original world.

I thought that the people who kept asking me persistently.

I guess they were the current rival faction against Aldina.

If I had reminded in this world, would Aldina become the succeeding Priestess? I wonder if that conflict would have happened.

…It’s my fault, isn’t it? Anyway, that rival faction may have violated the sanctuary deliberately to cause problems for Aldina.

“Everything is beyond imagination.

” Ordias-sama carefully added.

“If that conflict faction was the culprit”, his eyes became serious “It’s more likely they summoned you back to this world again.

” “Me?” My name came up in an unexpected way.

My voice came back.


Is that so? That’s it.

“It’s no use trying to violate the sanctuary to cause problems for Aldina.

As they press the powerlessness of Aldina into a corner, they summoned you again so you can finish their job.

Perhaps they want you to be reinstated into a Priestess again.

” (Ordias) Well, in other words, if you look at it together.

As a Priestess of a different world, I properly corrected the “kai”.

I was invited to continue as the Priestess but, since I was returning to my original world I refused.

Aldina took over as the successor Priestess.

But there were some great masters who didn’t like that.

Thinking that they can disturb Aldina, they deliberately disrupt the atmosphere and bother Aldina.

After cutting down the surrounding support for Aldina, I was once again summoned to be the foreign Priestess.

But, now that I am summoned…I cannot help myself.

(–Whaaaaaat) I cannot believe this.

I’m in trouble even if I try to avoid being involved in such political problems.

Besides, the most troubling thing is that I no longer have the power of the Priestess at all! Even if it is expected, nothing comes out.

I want to fly to the rival faction now and show them.

However, I don’t want to fall into their hands.

“Well…better yet, how about revealing myself to Aldina’s faction and get protection? If you disclose the current story, you might be able to check the other side.

” (Haruka)“I wonder.

If I were the man on Aldina’s side, I would rather disturb you.

It’s like showing the world that Aldina isn’t a useless Priestess.

If you annoyed him, would they kill you?” (Ordias) What…!! It won’t happen, right!? Ordias-sama didn’t follow me as I turned pale.

That’s right, Ordias-sama is that type of person.

Even though my thoughts are spinning.

Even though this has been going on, people seem to have left me completely alone until today.

“Well, it may be a bit overwhelming.

They don’t serve the God; they only serve themselves.

Everyone will be in fear if the Priestess from a different world ends up in the wrong hands.

” (Ordias) I think I finally got a grasp of my current situation right now.

Is there someone trying to get me in secret? Whichever I chose, I will be in trouble.

In addition, It is almost impossible to not be involved with Noel.

Rather, maybe it would be better for myself to hide.

“I evaluated your willingness to have no relationship with Wood Gray.

” Ordias-sama sighs.

“The person, Wood Gray, it looks like he’ll have a better understanding of what you are now than you think.

So in a sense, you might be protected.

” (Ordias) What does that mean?Did Noel say anything about trying to protect me? I’m thankful for that feeling.

“Noel is truly an overprotective escort…” (Ordias) ・ ・ ・ ・