The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 20

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Decision was taken back November 05, 2018 Translated by Shufen Otland-sama decides to head back to the royal palace.

I stayed at the restaurant and saw him off.

After he left, I was ready for the diner owner to ask me more questions, but that was a needless worry.

Instead, their attitude towards me didn’t change from before.

I’m sure there’s many things they want to know more about, but I think they’re waiting until I’m ready to tell them myself.

I’m thankful that they’re so caring, but at the same time, I feel sorry.

The restaurant stayed closed that night.

The diner owner decided to host a small party for me.

I’m sorry for our regular customers who usually come for dinner.

The diner owner and his wife ready a feast for me.

On the table, there is a potato with shiitake mushroom quiche, a salad with fresh vegetables and herbs, and a chicken tomato dish.

Today, Sena and I prepared dessert.

There’s a lot of delicious dishes! Sena and I are both very excited.

The couple, Sena and I sat around the table and gave a toast.

It’s a different world and I thought it’ll be a challenge to drink sake so I decided to quietly drink tea instead.

The tea commonly drank in this world is an herbal tea.

When I return to my original world, I want to look for similar herbs and try to recreate this tea.




“Delicious sake for delicious food! Awesome!” (Sena)Sena tilted her cup of sake.

“But what happened? It’s unusual for the hardworking couple to take a rest from the diner.

” (Sena) To Sena’s question, the diner owner smiles happily while responding.

“Well, if you think about it, I didn’t do anything like a welcome party after you two came to work for us.

I thought I’ll be able to show you two my gratitude.

” (Diner owner) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Yes! So don’t hesitate to eat more!” (Wife) “Wow, thank you! Isn’t that right Haruka?” (Sena)“Yes!” (Haruka) For me, this is my second hometown.

This is the best place for me.

Even if I return to my original world, I can never forget this diner and the couple.

Of course, this includes Sena.

If I think about it carefully, I should be thankful for being re-summoned.

Thank you for giving me such a happy time.

Eventually, the party ended later in the evening.

That night I listened to the couple’s story about finding the opportunity to open the diner.

By the way, I also learn about Sena’s preferred type.

She seems to like the so-called “muscles” type.

Why did a young woman like Sena decide to work in this diner? That was a question I was anxious about for a while and it was finally solved.

Also, if you ask me why she’s fascinated by Noel, whose image is far from macho, it’s because he is a special case.

Noel has a thin figure and Sena said he should have a pretty good body.

It has been conveyed that there are extraordinary commitments in the muscles.

One more thing, I asked if the magicians type also enters the special case category.

Her responses indicated that it’s impossible.

Good luck Collie! ・ ・ ・ ・ The business was busier than usual.

The diner was suddenly closed last night and the “preparing” sign wasn’t turned around.

The regulars were worried about what happened so they decided to stop by the next day.

Today they found out that we were opened safely so they decided to stay for lunch.

Furthermore, there have been more visits from a new customer base.

The young soldiers from the royal palace stand out.

Older males are the main regulars.

There were few young customers in the past because it was probably difficult to enter.

However, a few days ago, several young soldiers came to the diner in groups.

Among them was a young man who brought bento from me when I first started selling it at the royal palace.

His name is Cedor and I made quite a profit from him buying bentos.

When I first thanked him for coming to the diner, he smiled and scratched his head as if he were embarrassed.

“Recently, it hasn’t been easy to buy a bento.

I can’t stand it.

I guess it’s like an addiction.

I want to eat freshly cooked food here as well.

I been meaning to come to the diner at least once so it was nice to be invited to come by this guy here.

The rice here is the best, isn’t it?” (Cedor) “I’d be happy if you could somehow increase the number of bentos you bring to the royal palace.

Recently there have been too many people who want to buy it so it’s like a war zone.

” There were cheerful exchanges between friends.

The young companion overflow from freshness.

It seems like it’s not interesting when I’m talking with the young people because the regulars chugged their water and yelled for more.

They like they were sulky so they decided to be petty.

It’s another group of new guests.

Recently even bad soldiers have come to the diner.

The diner is liked by a wild range of customers so I contained myself and kept my patience.

Nevertheless, I’m about to reach my limits.

For example, the food serving is slow and they complain about there not being any alcoholic drinks during the daytime.

They also try to cut in front of a row people queuing outside.

There were other regulars who were good temper but it became a big fuss that’s on a verge of a brawl every time.

There are troubled people everywhere.

The diner couple’s hands are also tied because they are also customers, even if they are rotten.

I tried to consult the big brothers from the Corps during the bento delivery.

The group of rowdy soldiers become timid and eats quickly and quietly when the captains come over for a meal.

I hope that the young people who have begun to spread our diner around come by more often.

At one point, the usual group of rotten soldiers came to eat.

The diner owner came out of the kitchen and switched with me.

Their first line is “Bring me the same dish I ordered last week.

” With so many customers coming to the store every day, I cannot remember their order.

  They originally came yesterday and the day before.

I can still remember yesterday’s order but for me to remember last week’s order?! In the end, they just wanted to get in a fight in our diner.

I don’t know if it’s stress from work but the soldiers from the royal palace also have people with awful personalities.

“Customers, I’m sorry but…” (Husband)When the husband attempted to apologize, the eyes of the men’s glance became sharp.

There was also signs of the usual sarcastic look.

“Diner owner, let’s switch.

” (Sena)At that time, Sena appeared.

Sena was supposed to be delivering the bento the royal palace today.

But it seems like she left as soon as possible.

She seems to have heard of the interactions with those men and the diner owner.

“Customers, thank you for your order.

The customer had a meal set of beef dumplings, two of the spicy baked pork meal set.

Is the order correct? It’s currently crowded in the diner so we don’t have time to prepare it.

“ (Sena) Eh? Sena remembered the orders?!The men looked at the Sena with a weird look on their face but they recovered quickly.

“I can’t wait like that, I’m out in the middle of work!” “I am truly sorry.

Well then, by all means, on another occasion then.

” (Sena)“What? You want to drive out a customer?!” “There is no such thing.

We don’t want to inconvenience you as you are in a hurry and tight on time.

” (Sena) “The other guy’s food didn’t take too long!”“In some cases, we may be able to serve you early.

However, since the customer seemed to be very concerned about your time, I thought it would be better to tell you beforehand.

” (Sena) “Bring everything quickly!” “Excuse me, it would be a bother to the customers around you.

Will you be able to lower your voice a bit?” (Sena)Are you trying to make the situation worse Sena? “This is my voice! You don’t get to complain about it!” “Thank you, but please refrain from talking while you are in the diner.

Please cooperate in creating a pleasant experience for everyone.

” (Sena) “Y-y-you…”The man pushed Sena.

The act itself is outrageous violence.

“Kyaaa!” (Sena) Sena was pushed far away.

She flew across the room and landed loudly.

Her head was also bumped against the corner of the table.

“Sena!” “Sena-chan!”s While the diner was in chaos, Sena collapsed while holding her head.

She whispers to herself in pain.

Sena stood up while staggering.

She has an aura that cannot be expressed in words.

Other guests tried to lend a hand but were pushed away from Sena’s angry aura.

Sena slowly walked up to the men.

“Customer…” (Sena) “Eek.

” “Violence is a problem.

” (Sena) A smile full with power appears on her face.

“Please let us discuss this matter with each of the senior staff members.

” (Sena) “That’s domineering.

I only pressed your arm lightly.

” “You may also appeal to the police officers.

You can talk to Dan Weaver of the First Division, Luke Heather of the Fifth Division and Tito Lancan of the Seventh Division.

” (Sena) Have you listen to the name and its affiliation? The men repeated the phrase while looking at each other’s pale face.

It’s Sena’s victory.

The men quickly gathered themselves and splatted some words while running out the diner.

The other guests who were watching the situation inside the diner applauded.

Sena raised her hand was showing off her victorious pose.

Those bad men are banned from entering our diner.

And since then, there was a tacit consent that Sena was the person who should never get angry in the diner.

・ ・ ・ ・ Translator’s note:Long time no see.

It has been a weird, stressful, sad heart breaks and a lot of mixed emotions the past few months.

I’ve been thinking about resuming the translation for a while but every time I try, something new comes up.

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Anyhoo, this chapter was interesting.

You see a new side of Sena as well as the type of guy she likes.

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