The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 21

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: I was certified as a rival without my permission November 13, 2018 Translated by Shufen As usual, I headed to the magic institute to deliver the bento.

I was going to check in with Ordias-sama to see if there has been any progress.

It looks like he is out of the office today.

Normally, he wouldn’t really be at the institute at all.

Instead of seeing him, I see Luna-san and Collie-san sitting down facing each other.

What on earth are you doing? “Hello.

” (Haruka) “Oh, Haruka~ Hello! I’ve been waiting for the bento!” (Luna) Luna welcomed me while smiling with big shiny eyes.

She takes the basket of bentos and starts taking the bentos out.

I was curious to see the board game they were playing.




It is a square board that’s drawn similarly to shogi or go.

There were game pieces that look like eyes.

It’s contains the faint lights of white and blue.

It’s very beautiful.

Collie noticed me staring at the board and laughed gently.

“This is a board game using magic.

Each one of these pieces is a position.

It is a game that keeps track of that position.

” Oh, Reversi…I wonder if this game uses the same system.

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COM “We normally use the white and blue stones to hold the positions, but since we’re magicians, we are using magic to make it look like this.

” (Collie) Collie pushes one of his game pieces with his fingers.

The square that was blue changed to blue.

Wow! It looks like an illusion.

“It must be nice that you can use magic.

” (Haruka) “Do you want to try it Haruka? We use this board a lot and it stored a lot of magical powers.

It’s easy for ordinary people to move it.

” (Collie) “Oh, is that true?” (Haruka) When I was the Priestess, I could use simple magic.

I thought it was like a dream at that time, but can I still use magic in this world? I secretly held my breath in anticipation.

I tried to imitate Collie using my finger on one of the squares.

-But the blue light didn’t change to white at all.

“Was that a little too much?” (Collie) Collie muttered an apology while frowning.

“I…don’t have any magic at all.

” (Haruka)“Well, that’s right.

It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

” (Collie) A matter of getting accustomed to it? But I used to use it in the past, I’m already accustomed to it.

As I thought, I’ve become an ordinary person.

I knew it, but it was still painful.

“Come to think of it, Haruka, did you meet Sotini?” (Luna) Luna, who came back from hanging out bentos, asked me this question while opening up her bento.

Sotini? It’s a name I’ve never heard of before.

“No, who is it?” (Haruka) “Oh, if you haven’t met her, it’s probably better if you don’t.

It’ll surely be troublesome for you if you do.

I’ll say, if you ask me, I think it’s better to not know such a bigotry and obstinate magician at all.

Apparently, having a maiden heart isn’t easy.

Perhaps she is one of the victims of regrettable love.

” (Luna) I still don’t understand the story.

“Sotini is the name of the female priest for the royal palace.

” (Collie)Collie gave me some information about her.

“She’s an enthusiastic follower of Ordias-sama.

  Even though she seems to be a very competent and dignified priest, but you can hear her whispering about marrying Ordias-sama.

It’s hard to say that she’s a chaste virtuous woman who serves God… she’s a very passionate person.

” (Collie) A follower of Ordias-sama! There’s such a woman? Well, he does have a good looking face.

It may not be strange to be admired from afar.

As for me, I’d like to vote for Luna’s ruthless comment.

“It seems like Sotini is hostile towards Haruka.

The selfishness of a maiden in love is a universal fact.

” (Luna) “Huh? Why me? Hey, Luna.

I’ve never met him before.

” (Haruka) I’d like to hear everything from Collie, but I’ve heard enough so far.

Why would I be regarded as an enemy by the female priest? I’ve never seen her before.

“If you haven’t met yet, it would be better for you to be informed.

Sotini is suspicious of Ordias-sama’s relationship with Haruka.

Ordias-sama, who she been longing for a long while, never turn to look at her.

But, to hear that a young lady who is a commoner caught his attention…” (Luna) “Wait a moment, are you referring to me like that young lady from a commoner’s family?” (Haruka) “Hey, Haruka.

” How did it happen? The bento box delivery to the magic institute still happens a couple times a week and I’ve only seen Ordias-sama twice.

It’s surprising that my meetings with Ordias-sama became known to people outside of the magic institute.

“It’s not a joke.

It’s impossible.

First of all, Ordias-sama is over thirty, isn’t he?” (Haruka) “Haruka…that’s quite a few words.

” Collie muttered while pulling on her cheeks.

Oh, but of course, there’s plenty of wonderful people in their thirties in the world.

“Anyhow, that’s why Sotini seems to be looking around for Haruka.

There’s also a priest’s duty during the day so I think it’s not easy to meet Haruka during your bento delivery.

But just in case, be careful if you do.

In any case, it’ll be best to escape before being completely beat up.

” (Luna) Please refrain from the thought of such a troublesome thing.

“Haruka, were you originally acquainted with Ordias-sama? Collie asked curiously.

“Huh?” (Haruka) “When I came in before, it seemed like you two were talking.

Ordias-sama dislike people but, to talk slowly and carefully with a person during their first meeting… no… it’s impossible.

” (Collie) “No…” (Haruka) I wonder how Collie’s guess became so accurate.

However, it seems to be troublesome after a while, even if it’s somewhat funny.

It’s likely that there will be opportunities to consult with Ordias-sama in the future so I’ll be troubled if this sort of thing comes up again.

“Actually, we’re old acquaintance.

” (Haruka) “Is that right!” (Collie) “Haa…he’s my mentor.

Well…it’s actually not like this but, ummm…well… it’s not like I can’t say I’ve been taken care off…” (Haruka) Luna can’t help but to smile at me.

“I understand! Haruka has been evaluated by Ordias-sama.

The fact that you understand Ordias-sama the most.

I don’t want to admit from the bottom of my heart, it means there is a deep relationship.

” (Luna) “He is a strange person.

When did he become acquainted with such a young lady?” It’s embarrassing for them to search for a concrete relation between Ordias-sama and I.

I hurriedly grab the empty basket.

“Well, if you excuse me, I would be going today.

” (Haruka)I want to go home after being cornered.

I left the magic institute behind while sticking on a fake smile on my face.

・ ・ ・ ・ But, Sotini.

If I really get tangled up, it’ll be awfully troublesome.

I started walking down the corridor of the royal palace while sighing.

The tall windows are evenly spaced in the corridor.

The sunlight that shines through and the bird’s chirping creates a comfortable atmosphere.

I also want to be a bird… Even so, this is really really annoying.

It’s impossible for me and Ordias-sama to have anything between us.

Even if the heavens and earth are turned upside down.

If such a rumor enters Ordias-sama’s hear, I’ll have a heart attack.

This is genuinely frightening.

What if I fail to return to the original world? What am I to do? No no…absolutely not.

Personally, I don’t pretend to do remarkable things, but the people around me are looking at unnecessary things.

“oh, you’re that child who works at the diner.

Can I talk to you for a second?” I suddenly heard a voice so I jumped back.

For an instant I thought it was Sotini, but soon after I realized it was a man’s voice.

I turn to look behind me and it was a man in his twenties running towards me.

From his outfit, it looks like he’s a cook? “Sorry, can I have a moment?” “Today’s bento delivery has already ended.

” (Haruka) I lift the cover of the basket.

After confirming that it was completely empty, he dropped his shoulder.

“You guys have a good reputation.

” “Umm, when I bring it to the magic institute, they buy it all at once.

So… you didn’t have a chance in the first place.

” (Haruka) “Ahh…is that so.

” Recently, people from different departments have begun to request that we go to them.

However, it is impossible to deliver it to any other place.

The royal palace doesn’t allow us to sell to other areas other than the training sites and magic institute.

So, the situation is inevitable.

“Well then, I wonder if you can deliver to my department tomorrow.

”“For the survival of the business, speak through the proper department within the royal palace…” (Haruka) “Well, is it difficult?” “Which department would you like the delivery be sent to?” (Haruka) “Oh, I’m sorry.

I’m Rick.

I’m in charge of the cooking in the cafeteria.

I’d like you to deliver it to our chef’s room.

” (Rick) Huh? You’ll like the bento to be deliver to a professional chef? Is that okay? Rick seems to have noticed my doubt and gave me a smile.

“Well, it’s an embarrassing story, but there has been less people visiting the dining hall recently because of the inconveniences of short hours of operation.

A number of staff has been sent home.

Originally, the number of staff was small, but the royal palace started to think that it’s time to decrease the number of staff because the number of visitors have decreased a lot.

” (Rick) “We certainly didn’t have to worry about sales and reputation.

The lack of motivation was passed around amongst the staff.

So I think I’ll reflect on it and find motivation for the people around me.

” (Rick) I’m going to save a bento for you Rick! “There’s a limited amount of bento to be sold so it’s treated as a “phantom” among the soldiers.

I guess it also helps with the rarity, but still with only twenty bento boxes, it’s amazing to see the soldiers look forward to it.

So I’d like to try the bento because of the reputation of it within the royal palace.

But it’s impossible for us chefs to go to the training camp to buy the bento during the lunch break.

” (Rick) Of course.

It is the busiest time of the day for a chef.

“That’s why I wanted to ask for a delivery, but indeed… the royal palace doesn’t allow the bento to be delivered.

But I’ll definitely sneak out of the kitchen to go buy it.

” (Rick) The crowds at the royal palace are so serious.

For Rick and his friends, our diner may be a slump in his eyes.

Still, let’s not harass him.

Rather let’s motivate him! Isn’t that a wonderful ambition? …If it’s only a little bit, I wonder if I can get Rick’s bentos secured.

・ ・ ・ ・