The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 23

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 23

TSRTOW Chapter 23: Late Night Conversation January 01, 2019 Translated by ShufenUnedited There’s silence between us again.

This situation isn’t small.

In the first place, I’m confused as to why Noel illegally enters my room so late at night.

In my state of confusion, he suddenly told me to “come with me”.

If I didn’t read the situation correctly, it would’ve caused my heart rate to increase in vain.

However, I immediately understood that the words Noel said didn’t hold any sweet implication.

So…that means it must be because I’m in danger, right? “…Why?” (Haruka) I am somewhat annoyed at Noel’s aggressive way of talking.

It’s impossible to carelessly take Noel’s hand.

“Why are you not being protected by Hamuti-sama?” (Noel) .



“…I told him I’ll stand out if he was protecting an ordinary girl like me.

” (Haruka) At that time, I agreed that it was reasonable.

However, with the appearance of Noel in front of me, I understood that it wasn’t the right answer.

Naturally that made my voice smaller.

“With him protecting me, he would’ve made me a new maid in Otland-sama’s mansion.

” (Haruka) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “… Hamuti is just using you.

He is using the former Priestess to bring chaos to the royal palace.

” (Noel) “I’m not being used.

I wasn’t asked to do it by Hamuti-sama.

” (Haruka) “You don’t have to do anything.

Rather, it would be convenient if you act like yourself.

” (Noel) “I don’t understand the meaning of your words at all! Clearly explain it to me.

” (Haruka) “In other words, you’re a decoy!” (Noel) Decoy? Me? “A girl who resembles the former Priestess enters the royal palace.

If the person who summoned you know about it, you won’t be able to stop him from confirming it.

Hamuti-sama is trying to hold you there.

If you take his suggested action, it will be easier to draw out the opponent’s movements.

That’s why you’re being left out.

If you’re trapped in a room, you won’t be able to lure them out.

” (Noel) …Somehow, I knew about what Noel was saying.

“Your safety is secondary to Hamuti-sama, which is not a problem for him.

Although I believe there is an added danger of not knowing how the other side would react to the situation.

The same things can be said about Otland-sama and Ordias-sama.

Right now, you don’t have any real ally around you.

” (Noel) I bit my lip.

From the beginning, I don’t think Hamuti-sama is kind enough to care about me.

I knew he only contacted me because it benefits him.

Until the reality of it was pointed out by Noel, I didn’t really understand it.

It wasn’t shocking that I’m being treated as a “decoy”.

More than that, I’m surprised Noel was trying to be on my side.

Even when I’m in this position, he took the risk to come out at night to try to help me.

…I’m no longer a person worth protecting… Noel seemed to be annoyed at my silence.

He put his hand on my shoulder.

There is a strong pressure in his hand.

“Haruka, let’s get out of here.

We’ll figure things out afterwards.

” (Noel) At that moment, the bracelet that I’m wearing on my left hand started to light up.

The light was pulsing slowly.

It’s the bracelet that Ordias-sama said to always wear.

Since I wore it like I was told, I almost forgot it existed.

This bracelet will tell Ordias-sama if there is someone dangerous around me.

I’m in danger! Even when I didn’t explain it, Noel seemed to figure out what it is.

He tsked and released his hand on my shoulder.

Isn’t he supposed to be the living symbol of a gentleman? “Noel, I understand the situation well.

” (Haruka) Noel kept silent and continue to look at me.

“But I will not go with you.

” (Haruka) “…” (Noel) My answer has already been decided from the beginning.

This life I have now is what I wanted.

No matter what Hamuti-sama or Ordias-sama’s speculations are, that is a completely different problem.

I’m here because I want to be here.

Besides, in the unlikely event that a problem arises and I need to find someone to help me, the person I would look for wouldn’t be Noel.

No matter how much I’ll dislike it, I will run to Ordias-sama for help.

Noel, it’s useless if you care about me.

So leave me alone already.

With this spirit inside me, I look straight back at Noel.

But Noel didn’t break.

“You’re going to do this by yourself?” (Noel)“I’m not alone.

Ordias-sama and Otland-sama are there.

” (Haruka) “I just told you that I don’t know how trustworthy they are.

” (Noel) “But I think anything would be solved by being afraid and doubting people.

Although I might be betrayed, I would still like to believe in them.

” (Haruka) “More than me?” (Noel) “That’s not the problem here.

” (Haruka) He doesn’t look like the usual calm Noel at all.

“I trust Noel, but Noel you must protect Aldina.

It’s impossible to protect her while protecting me.

” (Haruka) “…” (Noel) Noel pressed his mouth shut.

He knew about this as well.

Perhaps, much more than me.

“It’s okay, I’m pretty strong.

I won’t be easily beaten.

” (Haruka) I gave him an awkward smile.

My cheeks are a little tight, but I don’t think he can see it in the dark.

After a while, Noel sighed deeply.

It’s been a while since I heard Noel sigh.

When he was my escort, Noel would frequently sigh a lot.

I think things were different than compare to now.

“You’ve changed.

” (Noel) Is that so? I don’t think I’ve changed very much.

The thing that has changed is the environment surrounding me.

“…After all this, are you going to go back to your original world?” (Noel) “…Yup” (Haruka) For a moment, the diner couple’s faces and Sena’s face appeared in my mind.

But the world I should live in isn’t this one.

I can’t afford to spend my entire life here with them.

No matter how comfortable it is, it is only a temporary thing.

Even in my short life, I have repeatedly met many goodbyes until I was taken from an orphanage to a relative’s house.

So I know that parting will surely come someday.

It was the same as the previous summoning.

I wanted to stay together forever with Noel, but I returned to the original world.

I’m convinced that the original world is where I should be.

Even with Noel, I’m supposed to make him disappear in my mind slowly with time.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life.

Right now, Noel has a scary look on his face.

“I hate your good idea.

” Noel muttered.

It’s good that you think so.

It’s truly not a good reason.

If you actually mean what you said, I would like Noel to take me away with him.

It’s impossible to misunderstand my feeling for him while I try to hide it desperately.

However, the me now know how to somewhat endure it with a little bit of self-control.

I don’t want Noel to know.

I want him to never notice it.

“…I understand.

” Noel quietly nodded.

“I’m sure you won’t be coming with me.

” (Noel) “Yup.

” I instantly nodded.

Another sigh spilled from Noel’s mouth.

“Be good Haruka.

” (Noel) “Okay.

” (Haruka) “Stay as calm as possible until you return to your original world.

You said you want to believe, but don’t forget that the royal palace is full of people trying to use you.

” (Noel) Please don’t attempt to plant seeds of distrust.

But it’s true… “…Please keep it in mind.

I cannot handle magic like Ordias-sama.

” Noel’s gaze fell onto the bracelet on my left hand.

“But if there is something I can do to help; I will definitely help you so please don’t forget this.

” (Noel) “…Thank you.

” (Haruka) Noel finally took his eyes off me.

He gently opens the curtain and check outside the window.

The room I’m staying in is in the back of the shop.

There isn’t much traffic outside in the middle of the night since the window faces the narrow backstreet.

Still, it’s dangerous to outright sneak into someone’s house.

Noel continue to observe the surroundings before opening the windows carefully to not make a sound.

As a dignified knight, he jumped out the window with ease and grace.

I thought I’ll be fine, but the unexpected chest pain hit me.

It’s a selfish feeling.

I must put this to the back of my heart.

Noel glances back to me, but he doesn’t say anything.

In the darkness of the night, his figure disappears.

I didn’t move from the window for a while.