The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 27

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Promise of the Bento Has Been Fulfilled “What is the meal of the day?” (Ars) “…Our recommendation is the stewed chicken with herbs, is that okay?” (Haruka) “Yeah, that’s alright.

” (Ars) Ars looked around intriguingly without hesitation.

There should be nothing unusual left, but it looks like he’s having fun.

I observed Ars-san secretly through the gap of the kitchen door.

There’s nothing wrong with him.

He has on a white shirt with dull beige pants.

He also has on simple worn down boots.

I’m thinking…soldier.

It’s best to ask the person himself instead of thinking about it here.

“Ars-san, you mentioned you work in the royal palace, right?” (Haruka)After I brought over water, I immediately asked him.

“Oh, yes.

That’s right.

” (Ars)“Hmm, what do you do?” (Haruka) I really don’t want to ask him about his professional occupation.

But today Ars-san is the customer of the diner.

Let’s say we cannot help it from happening.

“I’m not a soldier…I’ve never seen the training ground.

I used to say I work at the royal palace.

Something like a guardian of the stables or a sweeper… but I can’t say it’s like that either.

However, if I told you it’s something like a civil servant…I think that’ll be different too.

But, you’re thinking about me.

I’m glad.

” (Ars)“That’s good.

So what’s the answer?” (Haruka)“Since you didn’t tell me where you worked Haruka, I’m not going to tell you.

” (Ars) Annoying.

I know my face is currently twitching.




“Oh yeah.

You don’t need to tell me.

I’ll never see you again anyways.

” (Haruka)“That’s harsh.

You promised we’re friends last time.

” (Ars)“I lost that feeling after this exchange.

” (Haruka)“When I see you at the royal palace next time, I’ll call out to you.

Then I’ll introduce you to my work.

” (Ars)“No, that’s fine.

I’m not really interested in that.

” (Haruka)“Don’t say that.

” (Ars)Even though I was frustrated with Ars-san, I decided to chat with the other few customers that are around.

“Aldina-sama is in that church over there.

” (Haruka)“It looks like it.

” (Ars)“Is Ars-san not interested?” (Haruka)“I’m not interested, but I wonder if that makes me special.

” (Ars)Does that mean you’re not interested? “Haruka-chan.

It seems like that knight Noel, who is very popular with woman, is there too.

I went by the church a while ago, but there was a huge crowd.

” (Ars)Noel also went?I’m not surprised since I’ve already imagined that.

“Oh, I feel like watching them, but as you can see I’m working.

” (Haruka) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM At that moment, Ars-san’s chicken was complete.

I carried the hot dish on the tray to Ars’s table.

Ars’s eyes brightened at once when he saw the freshly cooked dish.

“Wow, it looks delicious!” (Ars)Of course, it’ll be delicious.

It was the husband who made it.

Ars immediately grabbed the spoon and put a large chunk of chicken into his mouth.

It was hot but he continues to eat it deliciously.

“If I knew there was such a delicious diner here, I would’ve came here earlier.

This is my first time coming here.

I knew about the diner itself and heard that the couple running it are kindhearted people.

Haruka, you have a nice job here.

” (Ars) “Yes, I agree.

” (Haruka) Ars worries about me every time I see him.

When I first met him, I wondered if it was because I was giving off a lonely feeling.

Certainly, at that time, I was feeling my loneliness.

It wasn’t long before I return to this world and I didn’t have any friends.

Under these circumstances, I saw Noel with Aldina-sama during the spectacular parade.

This made me feel very helpless.

When I think back to that time, I feel very fortunate now.

“Fuu~ Good luck.

” (Ars)Ars, who quickly devoured the food, breathed out with satisfaction.

“I’ve slipped away from work so I have to go back now.

Next time I see you Haruka, it’ll be inside the royal palace.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout when you see me.

” (Ars)“If I feel like it.

” (Haruka)“You’re the same as usual.

” (Ars)I’m still vigilant and his suspiciousness increases every time we meet.

I don’t dislike Ars-san, but that’s a different matter.

“When that day comes, Ars-san, let’s get along and be friends.

” (Haruka)When I called after him when he left, Ars-san looked back a little surprised.

・ ・ ・ ・ A few days later, Rick-san came by to continue his daily routine of cooking practice.

I was preparing for the day when he came to talk to me.


There was a person by the name Sotini-san who came by the dining hall yesterday.

” (Rick)“Sotini-san?” (Haruka) It was almost two weeks ago when she asked me to prepare a bento box for her.

I was very surprised when I heard her name because I was convinced that she forgot about it.


I want you to deliver the bento to Sotini-san tomorrow.

” (Rick)“Tomorrow?!” (Haruka)It was too sudden.

Moreover, the destination would be at the meeting room in the priest’s building.

The priests are given a special wing in the royal palace, just like the magic institute.

There’s also a priest residence and a well-made church.

It’s a prohibited area for civilians.

Even the royal servants aren’t allowed in without permission.

Only the priests are allowed to freely enter and leave the area.

When I was the Priestess, I was given a room in the residential area of the priests.

Going back to deliver the bento would be like going back to my old nest.

On the other hand, I’m a bit concern.

Naturally, the current Priestess, Aldina-sama, should be living there.

It wouldn’t mean I will meet her there, but for various reasons, I shouldn’t approach that area as much as possible.

It also wouldn’t be good if I ask Sena to deliver in my place.

Sotini-san will be sarcastic and I don’t want her to feel bad.

“I wonder if it’s necessary to hand the bento to her myself.

” (Haruka)It’s useless to try to get out of it because Rick-san shook his head.

“The time and place already specified.

Sotini-san would like to see you directly.

” (Rick)As proof that I have received the info, I was given a letter.

Although I cannot read the words of this world very well, I can understand the simple letter.

It only consists of the time and place.

“But the bento would be for a priest.

I hope it fits her taste.

”The wife who was listening to our conversation made a bitter smile.

I think delicious food is delicious whether you’re a nobleman or a townsperson.

So, I’m not worried at all.

However, there is a possibility of her belittling the bento on purpose because of her malicious behavior against me.

I’ll go and give her the bento and quickly go back home.

If I run away, it’ll be ridiculous.

I was thinking about Noel’s matter earlier and didn’t eat so I’m hungry now.

The next morning, I decided to have the husband who helped me prepare the bento early in the morning.

I know I can’t do much, but I’ll help with the things I can do.

I follow his instructions and mix in the ingredients and stir the pots.

All the ingredients used are fresh and very tasty.

Rick-san said the husband frequently go out to purchase freshly-picked vegetables from the farmers he knows.

I think that’s the difference in the level of food between the diner and Rick-san’s dining hall.

According to the husband, there are ingredients that priests aren’t allowed to eat.

He’s worried about the ingredients, but I couldn’t remember this particular rule.

Other than that, there was small details made so Sotini-san’s food is bite-size and don’t consist of too much meat.

The other side might criticize the bento and me, but I want to show Sotini-san the care and craftsmanship that was put into her bento.

I asked Sena to deliver to the training ground as usual while I deliver the only bento to Sotini-san.

The time of meeting was specified by Sotini-san so it was important to be there on time.

Aside from that, I’ll be entering the big fort known as the priest’s residence.