The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 30

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 30

Chapter 30.

1 : I Received a Knight’s Lecture Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! Noel immediately noticed me.

His lips pressed together with a serious expression.

…This feeling of being stared at so seriously.


“Ah, Noel.

Why are you here?” (Aldina)“I rushed here because I heard you asked to meet the young lady.

” (Noel) Noel took his eyes off me and turned to look at Aldina-sama who stood up in amazement.

He walked over to stand by her side.

“Why did you invite a stranger into your private room?” (Noel)“I’m sorry.

I really want to talk to Haruka-san.

” (Aldina)Noel continues to give her a strict expression while looking at Aldina-sama.

“Why on earth do you want to talk to her?” (Noel)“It’s…”Aldina-sama kept silent.

Apparently, Noel kept it a secret that he eats our bento.

Noel is a pretty tough guy so if I knew, I wouldn’t forgive him.

Besides, I also know that he is scary when he is angry.

I felt like air so I quietly sat down on the chair.

Of course, I should be standing because the Priestess and Knight are standing but, I want to break away from the situation.

I move carefully to make sure the two of them don’t notice me moving with the slight hope that Noel and Aldina-sama would finish up their conversation.

I hold my breath and pretend I’m a rock on the side of the road.

“…I’m sorry.

I’ve eaten a bento from her diner.

” (Aldina)Aldina-sama seemed to be upset while she confessed.

She looks like a puppy who is angry at its owner.

“From her diner?” (Noel)“Yes.

Recently a diner has been delivering bento to the soldier’s training ground.

” (Aldina)“I’m aware of that.

” (Noel) .



Noel completely cut off Aldina-sama as she bowed down more.

Her cute appearance made her look more pitiful.

“Noel-san, I’ve brought the bentos.

” (Sotini)Sotini-san who was invisible up until now decided to rescue Aldina-sama.

“It’s not Aldina-sama’s fault.

I’m responsible for this.

” (Sotini) “Wait wait no.

I asked Sotini to bring Haruka-san here today.

It’s neither Sotini or Haruka-san’s fault.

” (Aldina) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Aldina-sama, please don’t say that.

I was the one who came up with the idea.

” (Sotini) “I’m not trying to find fault here.

” Noel snapped.

No mercy for the fairer sex as usual.

“What I’m saying is that I want Aldina-sama to have more awareness of her status as the Priestess.

Certainly, this young lady looks to be a regular waitress at a very ordinary diner without any intent but, what if it’s a cover to get close to you with malicious intent? We are serving by your side to be careful of worst case scenarios.

“…I’m really sorry.

But Haruka-san isn’t bad.

If you’re going to be angry, just be angry with me.

” (Aldina)Aldina-sama obediently apologizes while protecting me.


Isn’t this a bit dramatic? I could feel her anger towards Noel.

Even Aldina-sama is a normal girl.

Sometimes you want to chat casually with a normal gift your age.

However, that would be almost impossible for her as a Priestess.

I’m sure that this is going to be my only adventure here.

I don’t think this is a good idea.

He cares for her as a public person.

Noel doesn’t have compassion for Aldina-sama.

“Umm…” (Haruka)I couldn’t stand this anymore.

Everyone’s eyes turn to me once more.

Noel’s gaze, in particular, looks like he wants to kill me.


I don’t think it’s a good idea if you guys talk to one another like that…I thought….

”I got scared of Noel’s expression that eloquently told me to keep silent as I made a plea with a pitiful voice.

But no matter how angry Noel is, Noel is Noel.

I don’t think I’ll be killed so I look straight at Aldina-sama again.

“I’m very happy to be able to talk to Aldina-sama today.

I thought Aldina-sama sat above the cloud for a long time but I realized that Noel…sama anger is natural so I’m grateful for today’s opportunity.

” (Haruka)I might’ve overstepped as a commoner but Aldina-sama smiled happily.

That made me feel safe.

However, this wouldn’t save me from Noel’s anger.

“It’s time for her to go back.

I’ll take her to the exit.

” (Noel)Geez.

I swallow back my words.

“No, Noel you don’t have to send her back.

” (Aldina)“That’s right.

I will take Haruka-san back properly.

” (Sotini) They probably think it’s better for me to not leave with Noel since he looks so angry.

Aldina-sama and Sotini-sama desperately tried to stop him.

However, Noel is not a gentleman who is moved by the words of the two weak women.

“They have a lot to talk about so Haruka-san, let’s go.

” (Noel)“…Okay…” (Haruka)I quickly made up my mind.

・ ・ ・ ・ Chapter 30.

2 :I Received a Knight’s LectureApril 26, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! “What are you thinking about?” (Noel) Thankfully as soon as I left the room, Noel’s lecturing mood disappeared.

There’s a lot of things to talk about so we took a detour to the exit to the residential area.

What is this situation? “Didn’t Ordias-sama tell you to be careful around the Priestess?” (Noel)“…I didn’t expect this to happen.

” (Haruka)There are people around so I muttered begrudgingly.

Of course, Noel didn’t miss that mutter.

“Sotini-dono asked you to deliver the bento.

Didn’t you know she was one of those priests with Aldina-sama?” (Noel)“I didn’t know at first.

When I found out, it was too late.

” (Haruka)“We should’ve cut ties when we knew it was impossible.

You didn’t understand anything I said that night.

” (Noel)Noel’s tone was terribly frustrating.

“Even so, you don’t have to get that angry…”(Haruka)“Who do you think made me so angry?” (Noel)Eh…I’m sorry.

“…At least don’t hit Aldina-sama.

”(Haruka)“That’s not a problem.

” (Noel)He’s a merciless man.

From the outside, Noel and Aldina appear to be the most beautiful couple in the country but in reality, it’s more of a fussy mother and a daughter who is scared of her mother but still loves her.

It’s proof that the two of them have a good relationship.

It makes me feel a little sad.

“I really can’t leave you alone.

I don’t know what to do.

” (Noel) Noel and I were surprised since I didn’t expect to have tea with Aldina-sama.

It’s not a big deal this time but Aldina-sama’s faction might not think so.

It’s certainly my fault since I came here in the first place.

I really regret meeting Sotini-sama in the meeting room.

“Come to think of it.

”I suddenly remember what happened during the fleeting tea party.

“Aldina-sama seems to be a little tired.

”For some reason, I wanted to tell Noel that.

However, calling her expression tired might sound bad.

She looked beautiful, gentle, and graceful.

She looked exactly as the rare Priestess “Aldina-sama” that everyone was talking about in town.

However, the action of secretly inviting me as a commoner to the private room while talking to me happily made me aware of her fatigue and loneliness that cast a shadow in her mind.

Perhaps Aldina-sama is longing for simple contact with ordinary people.

“I’m sure we can become friends who can easily talk to one another.

” (Haruka)“Please decline.

” (Noel)“I know.

” (Haruka) If possible, I would like to meet Aldina-sama from time to time to talk to her.

But of course that would be impossible.

The closer I am to her, the worse our position would be.

“I think I understand Aldina-sama’s loneliness, but even if I know it, it’s not a problem that can be easily solved.

She’ll get experience from it.

She’ll slowly get used to living in the royal palace.

” (Noel)I nodded at Noel’s words.

I know Noel is watching after Aldina-sama properly.

“I said it more than once, but it’s about you.

”I don’t want to go back to that conversation.

Maybe he noticed the expression on my face.

“You don’t have a sense of danger.

I’m not a fussy person by nature.

I hate troublesome things and would leave those alone without getting involved.

However, when I see the carefree state you’re in, I cannot turn a blind eye.

What do you plan to do with such a stupid attitude when your life is at stake?” (Noel)“No, I do have a sense of danger…” (Haruka) “If you had it, you wouldn’t have wandered into the priest’s quarters.

” (Noel)I couldn’t say anything.

“In the past, I was right by your side but now it’s different.

The moment you’re in danger, I can’t be by your side.

That’s why I’m doing this.

” (Noel)“It’s okay.

” (Haruka)I quickly cut Noel off.

“It might be dangerous from Noel’s point of view but I’ll do it properly.

I learned a lot from today so I’ll be better off tomorrow.

Don’t worry Noel.

” (Haruka) “Haruka.

” (Noel) Noel called out my name.

I didn’t turn around and sped up down the corridor.

We’ve arrived in the vicinity of the exit towards the residential district.

I began to see glimpses of the other priests.

I ran away.

Noel’s advice is simple.

Don’t say such kind words.

It’s not good for me.

I can’t explain it well but it doesn’t feel good.

・ ・ ・ ・