The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 32

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 32

Chapter 32.

1 : My Heart Sinks On A Rainy DayMay 05, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! A few days later.

It was cloudy that day.

Looking back, I don’t remember the weather being so bad since I came to this world.

“I haven’t heard of that.

” (Haruka)“For now I’m going to the magic lab.

Just in case someone might still be there.

” (Haruka)Normally it doesn’t rain as much as Japan but it hasn’t rained since I’ve been summoned back.

The weather is so strange these days so the customers now have conversations talking about the lack of rain.

I wonder if it’s finally going to rain today.

I look up at the sky while holding a basket containing the bentos.

Although the rain itself is pleasing, it’s troublesome for those who deliver the bentos.

Let’s make it a quick lunch delivery before it starts raining.

Just in case, I put on a rain cloak in the basket and walked out of the diner.

When I arrived at the royal palace, everyone was more in a hurry than usual.

Not all of them are but there seem to be some officials who are moving quickly.

Wondering if something had happened, I went straight to the magic lab as usual.

I should ask Cory-san or Luna-san about what happened.

However, in the corridor on my way to the magic lab, I was stopped by an unexpected person who called out to me.

Sotini-san… “Hello, Haruka-san.

” (Sotini)“Ah, Sotini-san.

How are you?” (Haruka)I bow slightly.

If I bow too low, the weight of the bento basket will cause serious problems.

However, why is Sotini-san in such a place? Did you chase Ordias-san today? I was worried but I decided to keep silent because I didn’t want to be caught up with that again.




In reality it may not be a concern anymore.

Sotini-san’s attitude towards me has softened since the other day.

Even today she looks very calm.

Maybe it was because I succeeded in winning over her stomach and in a friendly relationship with her master, Aldina-sama.

I’m very grateful.

Unfortunately, I can’t get too involved with Sotini-san.

Noel would be angry with me.

“Haruka-san, I’m sorry about the other day.

Afterward… were you okay?” (Sotini)It looks like Sotini-san was concerned about me.

Of course, the “afterward” were me being dragged out of Aldina-sama’s private room by Noel.

“Oh, yes I’m okay but I might not be next time.

” (Haruka)“Noel-dono is very loyal to his mission but he’s inflexible.

Aldina-sama was getting angry at him but she trusts him completely and relies on him.

” (Sotini) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM I have no choice but to laugh bitterly.

At that time, I also relied on Noel that exact way too.

“But it’s a shame.

Aldina-sama really liked you.

” (Sotini)“I’m sorry too.

” (Haruka)Sotini-san nods approvingly.

Then she recalled something.

“Oh, come to think of it, did you also meet Rayburn-sama?” (Sotini)“Eh?” (Haruka) Rayburn-san was the young man who called out to Noel.

“Oh, I’m sorry you probably didn’t know his name.

It was the male priest who you’ve met by the priest’s quarters exit.

I was worried about you so I asked around.

” (Sotini) “Was that so?” (Haruka) I wonder if it was because he didn’t like outsiders entering the priest’s quarters.

Or was it another speculation? Cold sweats start to appear on my back.

“I told you before that I don’t know what to talk about but I just can’t like that person.

” (Sotini)Sotini-san, isn’t your likes and dislikes too intense?Well, it’s easier to talk to someone who isn’t a two-faced person.

“Ah, So today… “ (Haruka)“Today I went this far to make sure you were safe.

Aldina-sama was more concerned than me and it’s hard for her to send a message.

If a Priestess’s message suddenly appeared at the town’s diner, it would cause trouble wouldn’t it?” (Sotini) “Yes, that’s true.

” (Haruka)Sotini-san was helpful for stopping that.

“Then I’d like you to check your safety while making deliveries.

” (Sotini)“I’m sorry to bother you.

Could you tell Aldina-sama that I didn’t mind and Noel-sama wasn’t that scary.

” (Haruka)Sotini-san suddenly laughed.

“You’re strange.

If an ordinary girl were to walk side by side with Noel-sama alone, she would’ve been floating on clouds and wouldn’t be able to speak normally.

” (Sotini) “No, I rather say I was pressured before thinking it was wonderful.

Don’t you think so too Sotini-san?” (Haruka)“Ordias-sama is my one and only.

” (Sotini)Her sharp glance flew over to me.

I might have gotten too carried away.

“Oh, that’s right.

Well then, I have to make it time for lunch delivery.

” (Haruka)I turn to go deeper into the building.

I lowered my head once more to leave but Sotini-san still called out after me.

“Wait a minute, you’re going to the magic lab right now, aren’t you? Right now they’re out so there’s hardly anyone left there” (Sotini)“Eh? Is that so?” (Haruka)After saying that, I paused my step.

Sotini-san told me in detail about the situation when I looked back.

It seems like it’s raining heavily in a town in the countryside.

The rain is at a disaster level that appears every few decades.

This morning the river overflowed and the bank collapsed.

The damage to the town was enormous and all the residents evacuated.

There are already some casualties.

The magicians were ordered to dispatch to minimize the damage caused by the flood.

The magicians use their skills to temporarily reinforce the collapsed bank.

“It was a sudden dispatch order.

Ordias-san is also going there for support.

If it was another powerful magician like Ordias-sama, they would’ve stayed in the royal palace but he went to command the field.

He’s a really nice man.

” (Sotini)Sotini-san has a fascinated look in her eyes.

Then Ordias-san isn’t here.

If so, then Cory-san and Luna-san might still be around.

“ Okay, then I’ll be heading back now.

” (Sotini)“Thank you.

” (Haruka)After looking at Sotini-san’s back as she walks away, I turn to leave as well.

A short while later, I’ve arrived at the magic lab.

There’s is almost no sign of other people around.

There’s still some staff answering messages at the moment so I decided to leave behind the bento for them.

“I’m sorry you had to carry the bentos here.

”A short middle-aged man helps me take out the bentos from the basket.

“No, this isn’t much.

I hope with everyone’s help, the flooding by the river could safely be controlled.

…Is it raining that badly there?” (Haruka)“I heard it’s like that.

Looking at the cloudy sky, the royal capital might start raining too.

”The uncle looks at the sky through the window.

As usual, it’s cloudy and looks like it might start raining at any moment.

・ ・ ・ ・ Chapter 32.

2 : My Heart Sinks On A Rainy DayMay 08, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! It began to rain heavily the moment I enter the diner.

Just in time too! That was dangerous.

I managed to get home before it rained.

It’s raining so much that wearing a rain cloak would’ve been useless.

“It’s unlikely for us to have customers tonight.

”The owner muttered while looking up at the sky.

No matter how close we are to the royal palace, there’ll still be a limited number of customers who would bother to visit the diner in this weather.

“Let’s reduce the amount of preparation tonight.

Haruka-chan can rest in her room.

” After the quiet day business, preparation for the night business has begun.

I was told to rest because of the owner’s concern.

I believe I can do anything but he thinks I should preserve my energy and motivation at this time.

He said that if I sprint all the time, I could get hurt.

Eventually, I reluctantly retreated to my room without anything to do aside from looking out the window.

At times like this, I wish I had some indoor hobbies.

Knitting and puzzles aren’t suitable for me because it’ll drive me crazy.

I like to read books but I can’t do it here because I couldn’t read the characters in this world that well.

… I’m free.

While I’m laidback, the magicians and Ordias-san are probably busy reinforcing the river bank right now.

When I think about that, I feel sorry about feeling this way.

But… is Ordias-san saving lives?It’s very unexpected and sounds rude when I think about it.

Sotini-san already said earlier that he’s in a position where he doesn’t have to do such activity but he took the initiative to do it.

The image of Ordias-san that I had was him being reluctant to do those types of things until the very end.

Is the situation in that area very bad? No, maybe there was some change in his personality during the year and a half where I was gone.

(If that’s the case, time was running moving in this world.

) It somehow feels deeply moving.

When I returned to my original world, I returned to the exact moment I left off.

Time had not flowed from the time I was summoned away.

I was shocked when I found out.

Realistically speaking it’s better that way but I felt like it was unreasonable and couldn’t accept it.

When I spent my time as Priestess in this world, I had a lot of hardship and hard work.

I happily made the effort to endure it.

I was at a loss because I felt like it was all gone.

But now I’m back in this world and reuniting familiar people again.

That one year certainly existed here.

Everyone is changing little by little.

Their position, thoughts, everything that surrounds that person is changing a little bit over time.

I’m the only one who hasn’t changed much.

I’m aware that I’m getting fatter, but that’s about it.

Noel said I’ve “changed”, but that probably means the same as becoming fatter.

It’s disappointing to be told that as a maiden.

It has been almost four months since I came back to this world.

I had a hard start and tried my best.

I acknowledged that I did a good job so I gave myself some praises.

When I was about to starve to death, I arrived at this dinner.

That was the best choice I’ve made.

I was very fortunate to have such kind people protect me.

It’s good luck but also thanks to the owners who took me in with their warm heart.

But even so, that’s it.

What am I doing? I walk around selling bento boxes and somehow cause some problems at the royal palace.

Things are going well because of the involvement of Prime Minister Hamuti-sama.

But what about the future? It’s terrible that nothing is going on.

The situation where I can’t find the tail of the criminal who summoned me is bad.

Is it bad to leave it to others? Hamuti-sama promised to find the culprit and to bring me back home while I’m not making any movements myself.

(That’s it.

) I stared out the window and blinked.

What’s wrong with me now? (What?) Ask yourself slowly.

The sprouts of doubt suddenly arose in my heart.

And then.

(Oh yeah.

) Okay, what’s wrong with this? –First of all.

After so long, I wonder why we can’t find the culprit.

It has already been over two months since I asked Hamuti-sama to find the culprit.

Hamuti-sama and Ordias-san initially told me that factions opposed to Aldina-sama were likely to be the culprits.

Will it take months to investigate the people from that faction?Or were they “innocent”?Then, did the investigation reached a dead end and fell to a stop? No, but.

Even if they were innocent, they must have searched for the culprit elsewhere.

Summoning a young lady from a different world is said to be prohibited.

It’s a secret technique that the general public cannot easily do.

It is controlled strictly by the country.

There are only a handful of nationally recognized summoners and they are treated as national treasures.

If there’s someone out there who summoned me using such technique, whether it is from Aldina-sama opposing faction or not, why can’t they find them? Isn’t the technique knowledge strictly controlled? Of course, if I try to find the culprit myself, it would be unavoidable for me to not find them.

Since I was the person summoned here, I’m not close to people who are considered the heart of the country.


Humati-sama is different.

He is the Prime Minister of this country.

He is closest to the king who is at the top of the country.

He would be in control of most of the country.

While Humati-sama is conducting the search for the criminal, is it possible for several months to pass without a hint of the culprit found? It’s not the same as chasing them in the dark.

The culprit who used the summoning technique is being chased down by the Prime Minister of this country after all.

(Why haven’t you found them yet?) An unpleasant premonition appears in my mind.

Humati-sama — are you hiding something? ・ ・ ・ ・