Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 4

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Beast World – Part 3 Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Cain darted through the forest with Su Tang in his arms.

Although he was swift, he avoided any dense undergrowth so that the female would not get hurt.

The female in his arms had a sweet scent and felt soft to the touch.

Also, she made him salivate while his primal instincts surged! In the past, warriors in their tribe would often fight over females.

Although Cain always found this odd, he finally grasped it now.

He would not want to share this female with anyone else either.

In a few breaths, Cain already had the urge to brand her as his own.

The female was not dressed in animal skin, and her clothes felt softer.

Cain had never seen such material before.

Could this female be from Beast City? Cain’s dark eyes glinted as he tightened his grip on Su Tang.

Regardless of her origin, now that she was here, she was now a member of the Winged Tiger Tribe.

After traveling in the forest for about ten minutes, Su Tang noticed that it became brighter as the trees diminished.

After traveling in the forest for about ten minutes, Su Tang noticed that it became brighter as the trees diminished.

There were mountains, meadows, and an unsullied lake.

The scenery outside the forest was surprisingly picturesque and felt utopian.

Su Tang was instantly excited and said, “Are we finally out? Where are we going?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The female’s voice sounded as melodic as a birdsong in springtime.

Although he was clueless about what the female was saying, her eyes were clearly beaming excitedly.

“This is Dark Forest.

I will take you to my tribe.

” Su Tang was startled by his husky voice before she recalled she was incapable of communicating with him.

Hence, she went quiet and felt depressed.

Cain was somewhat disappointed that the female stopped talking.

He sped up and headed swiftly towards the tribe.

Although Su Tang did not bat an eye when he suddenly sped up, she was delighted as the tiger moved up and down.

It was absolutely thrilling! Five minutes later, the tiger halted in front of a forest.

Su Tang could vaguely see people walking around.

The tiger pulled Su Tang’s hand and gestured for her to follow him.

Although Su Tang said nothing, she was a little scared.

After all, this man was a tiger.

She walked out to discover she was in a tribe and an ancient one no less… Each of the men had animal skin wrapped around their waists.

It came in tiger skin, leopard skin, and even some other skins, which Su Tang failed to recognize.

Compared to the men, the women wore animal skin around their chest and gave off a wild appeal.

Su Tang’s eyes glinted.

Before she said a word, someone noticed them.

“The Chief is back.

He even has a female with him!” With a roar, everyone in Winged Tiger Tribe exploded.

“What? Did Chief come back with a female?” “The Beast God has blessed Chief with a female!” “How could Chief come back with a female? Impossible!” “But the female looks awfully small.

Do you think she’s a kid?” “Yeah, exactly! Also, she looks very skinny.

Don’t tell me she’s sick? We don’t have any healers here!” “Sigh! Why did Chief come back with a dying baby female?” Su Tang found it odd why everyone cast strange looks at her.

In a matter of moments, the entire Winged Tiger Tribe presumed Su Tang was a young dying female.