Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 9

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: System Activation – Part 2 Yuanyuan made eye contact with Su Tang and felt worried.

“H-healer, are you okay? Is Meng Ze okay?” Cain looked at Su Tang and turned to tell Yuanyuan, “She doesn’t understand our language.

I think she’s tired.

” Su Tang wondered whether she could tell him that she could now understand them.

[BEEP! You have successfully utilized 100 points.

You are now level 1.

Please accept your reward!] [BEEP! You have been rewarded with storage space worth one cubic meter and elementary survival questions: 100/100 times.

] The mechanical female voice spoke again.

Su Tang had a headache, and her eyes became increasingly blurry.

In the end, she could not help closing her eyes.

A second before she fell down, she assumed she would not get abandoned since she had just saved a beastman.

Su Tang had a dream.

She dreamt that she transmigrated to primeval times after being struck by a meteorite, and she encountered a large white tiger that transformed into a handsome man.

Also, she dreamt of doing sutures for a man.

In the process, she activated a system called 007 and even received rewards.

Su Tang laughed so hard that she woke up.

What kind of bizarre dream was that? .



The moment she opened her eyes, she noticed the stone roof overhead, and her smile froze… No, this was no dream! She swiftly sat up in bed.

She touched the unknown furry animal skin under her before she realized she was in a cave.

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COM The cave was very clean and minimalistic, so there was only a single stone bed with two animal skin pieces.

One of them was beneath her while the other was being used as a blanket over her.

Other than that, there was nothing else… She suddenly recalled some system she activated before fainting… Was it not called 007 system? She cleared her throat and said, “Ahem ahem… where are you 007?” [BEEP! Please enter your question.

] Su Tang was stunned to see a glowing blue screen suddenly pop up before her.

She glanced around it.

Where was the keyboard? How could she enter anything without a keyboard? [BEEP! Questions can be entered using your mind! 100/99.

] Su Tang wanted to curse when she saw “100/99” in bold behind the answer! Was this considered a question? Her lips twitched before she continued asking, “Where am I?” [BEEP! The system confirms that you are in Beast World! 100/98.

] “How did I end up here?” [BEEP! Space-time distortion occurred when the system was linked! 100/97.

] “Then can I go back?” [BEEP! Level up to level 10 and utilize ten million points to activate a wormhole! 100/96.

] Tsk… Ten million points to activate a wormhole? It certainly sounded tough.

Before a minute was through, Su Tang had already asked four questions.

From the looks of it, she couldn’t return home in the short term, so her existence might hinge on these survival questions! She could only ask questions 100 times.

Would the quota get refreshed? Otherwise, she had to use them wisely! “Would my quota to ask questions get refreshed?” [BEEP! Elementary survival questions 100/100 daily, intermediate survival questions 10/10 per week, advanced survival questions 1/1 per month.


] Su Tang was relieved to see this answer! Although she did not know what to expect in the future, she felt the system was like the internet and could tell her anything, so it certainly gave her an immense sense of security! Just as she was about to ask more, she suddenly caught sight of a silhouette at the cave entrance from the corner of her eye.

She panicked and automatically wanted to swipe the glowing blue screen aside.

007: [Sigh.

She looked absolutely silly! Could she serve a different host?]