Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 23

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Meng Ze Cain carried Su Tang before he hurried over to Meng Ze’s cave.

He explained with a straight face, “It’s faster if I take you!” Su Tang curled up in Cain’s arms obediently with her face blushing crimson! She kept telling herself that he was only trying to save his tribesmen and not to overthink it! … In two breaths, they arrived at Meng Ze’s cave.

Yuanyuan was instantly delighted to see them as she wiped Meng Ze’s body! “Tangtang, take a look at Meng Ze.

I have been wiping him nonstop, but he still feels warm!” Cain put Su Tang down unhurriedly.

“Cain, can you wash the herbs quickly?” After Cain left with the herbs, Su Tang examined Meng Ze.




His situation was the same, and he was suffering a fever due to an infection.

She was unable to find any anti-inflammation herbs in the forest, but it was a top priority to lower the fever, so she hurried back first.

Su Tang saw the worried look in Yuanyuan’s eyes, who did not want to disturb her, and smiled as she consoled her.

“It’s fine! Let’s lower his temperature first.

I promise Meng Ze will be fine, okay?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Yuanyuan nodded hard.


Tangtang, I trust you!” However, tears trickled down her face as she spoke! Meng Ze raised his hand weakly and wiped the tears on Yuanyuan’s face.

“Don’t cry.

I’m fine!” Yuanyuan cried even harder! “Meng Ze, I’m so scared! Don’t die! I promise to be good from now on!” Meng Ze gritted his teeth and raised his hand to pat Yuanyuan’s head.

“Didn’t you promise to be good? Then stop crying.

The moment you cry, my wounds hurt!” Su Tang felt like crying too.

She inhaled deeply and said, “Don’t cry, Yuanyuan.

If your tears fall onto the wound, it will worsen his condition!” Yuanyuan instantly stopped crying.

“Okay! I won’t cry! I’ll stop crying!” Su Tang sighed as she stood up and poured all the chestnuts from her pockets before handing the white robe to Yuanyuan.

“Yuanyuan, can you wash this? We are going to use it to bandage Meng Ze’s wounds later!” Yuanyuan was stunned and felt hesitant.

“But this belongs to you…” Su Tang waved her hand nonchalantly.

“It’s fine.

Go on.

If we don’t have clean bandages for his wounds, he won’t be able to recover.

” Yuanyuan sniffled and said, “Okay! Don’t worry, Tangtang! After Meng Ze recovers, I will get him to hunt a few firefoxes so that you can have the fur!” Su Tang sweetly smiled as she said, “Okay! Go on! After you wash it, dry it next to some fire.

We can only use it when it’s dry!” After Yuanyuan left, only Su Tang and Meng Ze remained in the cave.

“S-Su Tang, are you a healer?” Su Tang nodded.


Kind of.

I learned medicine, but you are my first patient!” Meng Ze lay with his head tilted.

His face was unusually red due to his fever.

“We don’t have a healer in the tribe.

Although I don’t know how you ended up here, our tribe will treat you well.

Can you stay?” Su Tang understood Meng Ze’s concerns even though she was new in town.

She nodded and said, “Don’t worry.

I’m lost, so I can’t go back to my tribe.

I will probably stay here from now on!” Meng Ze seemed to detect Su Tang’s sadness, so he consoled her gently, “Our tribesmen are very kind, so don’t worry!”