Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 29

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 29

Chapter 29: A Surprising Find Part 2 Cain started a fire before leaving so that Yuanyuan could use it to boil water with the earthenware jar when she came back.

The two quickly washed up by the river before it turned dark.

Su Tang was introduced to a new plant that was approximately two centimeters thick and roughly the size of a coin.

It was filled with a lot of gelatinous fluid and was excellent for maintaining oral hygiene.

Cain surprisingly did not know what it was called when she asked.

By the time they made it back to the tribe, it was completely dark.

Su Tang was dressed only in a T-shirt and leggings, so it felt a little chilly.

Fortunately, a bonfire was made on the empty space in front of the cliff.

The entire Winged Tiger Tribe had circled the fire as they chatted happily.

Yuanyuan waved at Su Tang when she spotted her.

“Tangtang, over here!” “Tangtang, I brought the chestnuts over too.

Can we eat them?” Su Tang nodded and said generously, “Certainly! There isn’t much, so everyone can only get a taste!” Cain told the two beastmen beside him to give out the raw chestnuts.

Since there was not enough to go around, they were given to the female beastmen and the young first.




She had already roasted six of them, so there were slightly over a dozen left.

There were already five to six females and three young beastmen sitting near them, so not many males would have a chance to try the chestnuts.

However, the males seemed disinterested.

They felt only females and the young liked fruit.

Males were partial to meat! Only meat could fill their stomachs and give them the strength to hunt.

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COM Su Tang could understand their lackluster interest, so she smiled without taking it to heart.

“These are chestnuts.

Put them into the fire but not too far in.

Otherwise, you might not be able to get it out later!” The females and the young mimicked Su Tang and placed them next to the fire.

Cain handed Su Tang a piece of roast meat.

“You can have some meat while the chestnuts are roasting!” Su Tang was genuinely famished.

The unknown meat was grilled to perfection with its juices oozing out of it and looked succulent.

The food tasted good and had great texture.

Sadly, it was not salted.

“Sigh…” Cain turned his head sideways.

“What’s wrong?” “Do you have any salty ingredients? Like plants or a white crystal that tastes really bad on its own…” Cain knew what she was asking for.

“Are you talking about salt?” Su Tang was instantly delighted! She thought they did not have any salt around here! “Uh-huh! Yes, I was talking about salt! Don’t you use salt for cooking?” Cain explained, “Our priest has taken five Beast Warriors to Antelope Tribe to trade for salt.

They might come home in two days.

” Su Tang nodded.

“Is Antelope Tribe very far?” “It isn’t that far.

If I run with all my might, I can get there in three days!” said Cain after some thought.

Su Tang did the math in her head.

She did not know what the tiger’s full speed was, but she knew the place must be over 500 kilometers away if he had to run for three days! Back home, that kind of distance required half a day’s travel.

However, in a dangerous place like Beast World, she reckoned she would take over ten days to get there! CRACKLE! The chestnuts in the fire suddenly crackled, so Su Tang quickly gathered her thoughts.

She hurriedly told everyone, “The chestnuts are done.

Use a stick to take them out of the fire so that you don’t get hurt!” Su Tang felt an immense sense of nostalgia when she saw the dark roasted chestnuts.

She stood up and looked around and wanted to find a stone to open the chestnuts but to no avail.