Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 32

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Stupefied Divine Warriors were rare as well, and only Great Eagle Tribe had five or six of them, so they had called the shots in the region with no opposition for years.

Since it was a well-kept tribe secret that Cain was a Divine Warrior, the Great Eagle Tribe had not made an attempt on his life yet.

Meng Ze had the most potential to become the next Divine Warrior before Su Tang came to the tribe.

If she did not suddenly turn up, they would have brought him to Great Eagle Tribe if Old Nick could not save him.

But Meng Ze might not have survived the trip there… Su Tang felt it was incredible as she listened to Cain but thought it made sense.

After all, all the beast world books she read in the past were about fights over territory and resources.

The winner ended up taking all, and the scenes were incredibly bloody! “No one can know that you are a healer.

Since I need to explain how Meng Ze ended up recovering, I told Old Nick to claim he is a healer.

That way, we can protect you and answer to the tribe, so don’t be upset!” Su Tang patted Cain’s shoulder comfortingly and smiled as she said, “I already said I wasn’t angry.

Instead, I have to thank you for protecting me!” Cain held Su Tang’s hand firmly with a solemn look on his face! “I’m already a level three Divine Warrior, and I’ll do my best to become stronger and protect you always!” Su Tang veered her eyes nervously as her heart palpitated nonstop.





The tiger was so handsome and such a heartthrob! Su Tang kept telling herself to calm down.

Since the tiger was only protecting Su Tang because she was a healer and essential to the tribe, she could not overthink it! She repeatedly told herself not to overthink it! Su Tang composed herself before she looked at Cain.


Don’t worry about it.

If Old Nick is interested, I can teach him to identify herbs and treat patients.

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COM “Thanks, Su!” Cain’s eyes looked even sexier, and Su Tang almost melted.

So Su Tang hurriedly changed the subject.

“Oh yes.

You keep talking about Divine Warriors, but what does that mean?” She felt it might attract suspicion and hurriedly added, “Erm… My tribe probably has Divine Warriors too, but they might be called something else.

” Cain’s eyes turned solemn.

Since it was dark at night, Su Tang failed to detect them.

In just a day, Cain found Su Tang highly suspicious from the moment he encountered her.

He felt even more confident that the female did not belong to their world.

Judging from her behavior and knowledge, the female led a completely different life from him that could not even compare with Beast City! Did the Beast God Realm really exist? Was the female exiled to the Beast World by Beast God? Cain said nothing to Su Tang.

Instead, he opened his hand.

Su Tang glanced at him quizzically.

A small gold orb gradually formed on Cain’s palm.

It suddenly transformed into a blade before changing into a gold rope in the blink of an eye.

It looked just like magic, leaving Su Tang stupefied! He clenched his fist, and the gold rope instantly shrank before disappearing into thin air.

Su Tang was shocked: “…” What did she say about possibly knowing what Divine Warriors were? Could she take her words back?.