Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 36

Becoming Rich In A Beast World - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Gathering Chestnuts Yellow Fruit looked at her matter of factly.

“Mate, of course! Are you really not a baby?” Su Tang’s flushed crimson and did not know what to say! Judging from the way the other females looked, they felt the same way! “I’m not a baby! I’m already a grown-up, and I didn’t m-mate with Cain!” Sadly, Su Tang’s appearance and voice remained unconvincing.

The females felt Su Tang must have been too shy to admit it! In reality, they had started to wonder when Su Tang and the Chief would be holding their partner ceremony.

The priest was still away, and the partner ceremony had to be conducted by him.

After holding the ceremony and receiving the Beast God’s blessing, the male could mark the female on her finger on her right hand with his insignia to complete the ceremony and become true partners! No matter how quickly the Chief wanted it done, he had to wait for the priest to come home.

The females could not help sighing as they thought about how there was no chance for the ceremony to be held sooner.

A male called felt sad for the Chief when he saw Su Tang reacting shyly! Since Tie Mu was a male, he had a keen sense of smell and could sense that Su Tan did not have the Chief’s scent on her, so he knew they had yet to mate! Tie Mu already had a shy partner who would only mate with him at night in the cave, so he felt that it would be the same for Su Tang and Cain after becoming partners! .



Everyone looked at Su Tang with a thoughtful, knowing look on their faces and left Su Tang feeling powerless! It was no point to argue with them, so she quietly followed them to the forest to gather chestnuts! It was not easy for Su Tang to walk to the forest.

Even though everyone thoughtfully slowed down, it took over an hour for them to arrive at the chestnut forest.

Su Tang was already so tired that she was covered in sweat! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Back home, she was a student before she became a hospital intern.

Since she worked indoors all the time, she was not as physically strong.

She started feeling exhausted after going a short distance! Green Fruit looked at her worriedly and asked, “Tangtang, are you okay? Why don’t you take a break while we get started picking the thorny fruit?” Su Tang gasped a little as she nodded and replied, “You don’t have to pluck it.

Just get the males to use a long wooden stick to hit the tree branches and make them fall down!” Green Fruit’s eyes lit up, and she said, “That’s a great idea! Let me tell Tie Mu and the others.

Go on and take a break!” Green Fruit went over to Tie Mu and told him about it.

He nodded and picked up a roughly two-meter tree branch.

Tie Mu told the females who were about to pick thorny fruit, “Can you step aside? I will hit the branches and make the thorny fruit come down!” The females stepped out and gave Tie Mu space to work with! PANG! PANG! PANG! As Tie Mu struck the tree branches, all the thorny fruit fell onto the ground like an impressive heavy rain! In a matter of seconds, the forest ground was covered with a thick layer of thorny fruit.

There was so much thorny fruit lying on the ground that they could hardly walk! “Enough, enough.

Tie Mu, you can stop for now! Let us pick the ones on the ground first!” Red Fruit was slightly older and was more meticulous in nature, so she quickly stopped Tie Mu when she noticed there was already a lot of thorny fruit lying on the ground.

Tie Mu really wanted to keep going, but he stopped and told the other four beasts, “That was fun! You should try it later!”